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Wrentham Lions... Our History

The first 60 years from facts compiled by Lion Skippy Brooks.The Wrentham Lions Club was chartered on April 22, 1941.

The Forty’s

  • The 1st money raised was the clambake on August 10, 1941; netting a profit of $259.33. This money was used on the Club’s 1st project, the building of the Girl Scout Camp in the town forest.

  • The Club sponsored several bond drives, built a pick-up shelter for soldiers and sailors on the Common and made a donation to Sturdy Hospital of $250 to enable Wrentham residents to have a $30/week deduction from their hospital bill.

  • 1943 was also the year of the 1st ‘Father and Sons Night’. Red Sox Baseball player, Ted Williams, attends meeting handing out baseballs.

  • 1st Lions Club in the state to sponsor X-ray survey for tuberculosis in a five-day period. 1,128 persons of the town registered, approximately 80% of adult population in 1947.

The Fifty’s

  • Made donations to Massachusetts Eye Research Fund for its inception in 1953 and continues to this day.

  • Started Nurses Scholarship in 1953 and enhance the scope to include Health profession careers.

  • Santa Claus visits to needy children began on Christmas Even in 1953, average 200 gifts a year and continue today. Contributions each year by individual Lions.

  • Christmas Party for Wrentham Senior Citizens. Over 200 residents attend this annual Holiday Dinner.

The Sixty’s

  • The start of the Club’s traditional Wood Choppers Ball. A time for Wrentham elite to learn several skills, cutting wood, doubled cross-saws, axe contest and home-made food contest. This event continues today.

  • In November 1965, Club held the 3rd free Glaucoma Clinic for Wrentham residents. Three hundred persons were examined over a 3-day period.