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Our Keller Sponsors

  • Etter Homes & Gardens, Inc

Our Lake Pearl Sponsors

  • William & Elizabeth DePippo, Awesome Community Members

  • Duquette Electric

Our Patron Sponsors

  • Edward Goddard, Wrentham 350 Co-Chairman & Town Moderator

  • The Rouse Family, Awesome Community Members

  • Kelly & Jamie Snead, Awesome Community Members

  • Tim & Debbie Connors, Awesome Community Members

  • Mark & Robin Cuddy, Awesome Community Members

  • Joe Manning / American Legion Wrentham

Our Donor Sponsors

  • Stephen Johnson, Wrentham 350 Anniversary Committee Member

  • Joe & Kathy Botaish, Wrentham Board of Selectman Chair

  • Allan & Laura Cameron, Wrentham Public School Superintendent 

  • Arthur Giuliano, Awesome Community Member

  • David Wooding, Awesome Community Member

Our Supporter Sponsors

  • James Anderson, Wrentham Selectman, Former Wrentham Police Chief

  • Veronica Gonzalez, Wrentham School Committee Chair

  • Julie Garland and Steve King, Vice-Chair of the Wrentham Conservation Committee

  • Pierrette Lambert Kelly, Awesome Community Member

Our Booster Sponsors

  • Jeanne Lightbody, Awesome Community Member

  • Jack Goddard, Awesome Community Member

  • Steven & Heidi Neipris, Awesome Community Member

  • George Guisti Sr. & Jr., Awesome Community Member

  • Elizabeth Loughlin, Awesome Community Member

  • NE Laliberte, Awesome Community Member

  • Terry & Tracy Moore, Awesome Community Members

  • Wilfred Deschamps, Jr., Awesome Community Member

  • John & Margaret Andrews, Awesome Community Members

  • Kimberly & Robbin Wells, Awesome Community Members

  • Jane & Kelly Williams, Awesome Community Members

  • Arlene Palmborg, Awesome Community Member

  • John & Audrey Williams, Awesome Community Members

  • Fred & Rena McPhee

  • Kevin & Mary Ellen McCullough

  • Barry & Jeanine Gawthrope

A Special Thank You To...

The Wrentham 350 Committee would like to thank Representative Shawn Dooley for securing a $50,000 grant for our events in 2023. This grant will help Wrentham celebrate in style and keep the prices for any ticketed event low. State Rep Dooley has worked with us for more than a year and personally lobbied the Governor for this grant.

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