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Wrentham Timeline


1660: 5 men from Dedham sent to explore present day Wrentham

1673: Wrentham Incorporated as a Town/First Town Meeting held

1676: Wrentham abandoned during King Philip's War (all but 2 houses burned)

1693: First Wrentham Church Incorporated (Congregational Church)

1873: Wrentham's 200th Anniversary celebration ruined by major storm

1903: Wrentham Fire Department established (all volunteer)

1905: Plainville splits from Wrentham and in incorporated as separate Town

1723: Wrentham's Ed Eaton (or Heaton) hanged as pirate @ Bull's Point

1753: Slave Cesar Chelor is freed by Francis Nicholson's will

1775: Wrentham Minutemen march to Lexington/Concord to sound alarm

1776: General Washington alleged to have a drink at Widow Man's Tavern

1778: Franklin splits from Wrentham and is incorporated as separate Town

1778: Foxboro splits from Wrentham and is incorporated as separate Town

1870: Norfolk splits from Wrentham and is incorporates as separate Town

1890: Wrentham Center's first passenger train

1892: Wrentham Public Library established by Town Meeting vote

1905: Helen Keller moves to Wrentham with Annie Sullivan

1924: Wrentham National Bank is robbed - cashier James Carpenter killed

1929: William Herbert Sweatt dies and leaves Wrentham $200,000

1933: Brown's straw shop burns to ground (behind Common Street)

1964: Wrentham hires first full-time firefighters


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