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Wrentham has a Queen!

Believe it or not, Wrentham has its own Queen. Crowned on June 5th, 1973, at a Beauty Pageant held at the King Philip Ballroom on Lake Pearl, Kimberly Meyer is the first and last Wrenthamite to have been given the title.

The pageant also had first and second runners-up, as well as a Miss Congeniality, who was selected by the participants themselves. The first runner-up was Miss Maureen Wojciechowski, and the second runner-up was Miss Janice Marcelino. Miss Sheila Moore was chosen as Miss Congeniality. Other finalists included Lisa Colletto, Jane Conrad, Sandra Hoyle, Deborah Mayhew, Marie Sarrazin, and Gail Sylvia. All contestants were awarded scholarships, with Kimberly receiving the top prize of $300.

The event was hosted by Deborah Ann O'Brien, Miss Massachusetts of 1971, and featured special guests such as Miss Rena D. Walmsley, the current Miss Massachusetts at the time, and Michelle Westley Bargarner, first runner-up in the Miss Attleboro Contest. The judges were Ronald S. Perry, Mrs. Beverly Brown, and Mrs. Sylvia Welch, none of whom had previously known any of the contestants.

The pageant had various highlights, including each contestant appearing in informal dress, hot pants, and an evening gown, as well as performing a talent presentation. Kimberly sang to her own guitar accompaniment, while other contestants sang, danced, or performed comedy routines. There was also a senior citizens beauty contest and the presentation of a plaque by the Board of Selectmen to the nursing home that made the most paper flowers for the Beauty Pageant float.

The Beauty Pageant was a hugely successful event, thanks to the efforts of many individuals. Mr. Neil Davin was the producer, while the Jack Mann Orchestra provided the music. The audio-visual team from King Philip High School, led by William J. Costa, provided closed circuit TV coverage. Anthony M. Marcelino and Mrs. Millicent Lakin were co-chairmen for the event, and Mrs. Joyce Schreffler handled all publicity. Frederick S. True was the official Tricentennial photographer, and Mrs. Lena Choma and Mr. Tony De Costa served as consultants.

Note from the Beauty Pageant Committee to the contestants:

"We know your knees are shaking - We know that right now you would rather be ten thousand miles away, but please know that we, the Beauty Pageant Committee, and everyone here tonight are with you all the way.

We want to thank you for your participation, your hard work and for being the reason we here tonight will have such an enjoyable evening.

We, the Committee, on behalf of the Town of Wrentham, celebrating its 300th anniversary, express our deepest appreciation, and let it be known that we consider each of you a QUEEN because you are all such beautiful people!"

Thank you note from the Beauty Pageant Committee to the contestants:


The two words above are often used, but have you ever wondered what great things lie behind "Thank You?"

This Committee began its work in January, and from that starting point through tonight, we feel it necessary to say that our work, although difficult, was most exciting. The reason for our enthusiasm and excitement has been due to the spirit of the community and total involvement. We are amazed and most gratified with the cooperation and warmth we have received.

For example, 10,000 beautiful paper flowers were made by all the nursing home residents and the Pond Home the help from our senior citizens; The Belles and Brothers-of-the-Brush; the children at the elementary schools who made the posters; and the Wrentham Tri-Centennial Committee. The list of thank yous could go and on, but we'll mention a few names who really saved us time (and money) - Bill Costa, our Board of Selectmen: Francis L'Hereault, George Dusty and Albert Fuller; Howard Topham, Wendell McNamara, Paul Schwalbe, Dick Enegren, Ted Sweed, Lyle Richardson; and our very necessary consultants.

The Committee especially wants to thank one of their own members, Tom Morroco, who designed and built the Beauty Pageant Float. He took on more than this share of duties and helped many committee members with their work. Without him this float would have been a disaster. Wait until you see your Beauty Pageant Float in the June 30th parade."

Compiled by Grey Almeida, Member of the Wrentham 350 Anniversary Committee.


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