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The Story of the Weber Duck Inn

Written by Mr. Albert Ross Pini Jr., Mr. Leon Pini's grandson.


On April 19th, 1923, one hundred years ago today, the town of Wrentham was host to the gala and long awaited formal opening of the new Weber Duck Inn situated on the Weber bothers

Opening Announcement

farm on the new State Road. The invitations read: "Before any announcement is made to the general public, the management is extending to a selected group the privilege of making reservations to dine, dance and make merry in celebration of this gala event."

The Boston Post and other newspapers in Boston heralded the opening in the following morning's editions as a major success and predictions were for the Inn to have a long and glorious future. Wrentham certainly received its place on the map that April, one hundred years ago, for over the next decade or so hundreds of thousands of patrons passed under the entrance canopy which sported the Weber Duck emblem.

The original Weber Duck Inn sign

1922 - 1933

The prosperity of the second decade of the twentieth century was not confined to Wall Street and those associated with the burgeoning automobile and housing industry, but was also enjoyed by local entrepreneurs that possessed vision and foresight. One such man was David Weber of Wrentham, Massachusetts. Wrentham was a town of 2,500 people situated just between Boston and Providence.