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The Heartwarming Story of Two Wrenthams

In January of this year, Wrentham community member, Kristine Brown, reached out to us to share a wonderful story. She and her British husband, Barry, had visited Wrentham, England, some 35-40 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting with the town's mayor. It's worth noting that Wrentham, Mass., was named after Wrentham, England, where John Thurston and other settlers hailed from. After Barry's recent passing, Kristine came across postcards that they'd received from Wrentham, England, along with articles from an English newspaper and the Sun Chronicle. We were thrilled to meet with Kristine where she fondly recalled sharing a glass of wine early in the morning with the mayor and visiting a local elementary school to answer questions from the students.

We'd like to express our gratitude to Kristine for sharing the news clippings and postcards of Wrentham, England, with all of us today.

Wrentham, England, 1989



*Wrentham's new village sign which Incorporates the American flag.

I WAS delighted to receive a surprise visit last week from Kristine and Barry Brown from Wrentham, Massachusetts, USA.

They had read that their town was founded by settlers from Wrentham, Suffolk, England, and were determined while on a visit to Harrow to look us up.

They could not have come at a better time as I had prepared a package for posting containing news cuttings and photographs of the unveiling of our new village sign which they agreed to deliver by hand.

They were thrilled to see the American flag on our village sign.

Bonsey Gardens, Wrentham.