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Letter from Wrentham, England

Dear Mrs Brown,

Wrentham Parish Clerk has passed your letter to me David Reeves. We thank you very much for the 350 Wrentham tee-shirt. It is exceedingly kind of you to keep our link with Wrentham MA and Wrentham England.

Our village has a file with lots of letters and papers which are records of our links with Wrentham MA. I have been a Wrentham Parish Councillor for over 40 years, and I remember Sylvia Chatten very well and can remember her mentioning that she had met visitors from Wrentham MA.

I have lived in Wrentham all my life, and I also was an Electrical Engineer here in Wrentham. I met my wife when she visited Southwold on holiday in 1973 and we got Married in January 1974.

We have daughter who lives in Bethlehem PA. who is married. I have a granddaughter aged 13 years.

We have travelled to America several times to visit our family over the past 49 years. My son has also lived in Atlanta GA with his wife and son.

They have recently moved back home to the UK and live in Norwich Norfolk.

My family and I have had the pleasure to visit Wrentham MA on two occasions, as we were visiting my wife's family in Connecticut.

In 1983, having given notice of our visit, we met the Board of Select Men at the beginning of

their Meeting, We also visited the Primary School which was a pleasant time for our 2 Children to see around the school who had their names illuminated on the entrance sign.

We visited the Congregational Church and noted all the pieces of treasure with links to Wrentham UK. We also visited the shopping mall, and a tour around the town with a gentleman in is car.

We send our kind wishes from Wrentham UK.

David Reeves


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