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All spectator parking should start at KPHS and go into town, utilizing those parking lots you suggested ( Center School lot,  Congregational Church Lot,  Wrentham District Court lot,  Wrentham Public School lot (Delaney only),  St. Mary's lot).  Randall Road lot can be used but it will be blocked off once the parade starts because some groups may be ending there.  If families live close enough, we should encourage that they walk into town.  Maybe the DPW and PD can help with shutting down roads early so that people can walk freely and not have to worry about areas that don't have sidewalks.  Or maybe we can reach out to Holmes Bus Company and see if they would be willing to loan a few buses to shuttle folks from certain neighborhoods (and/or Shears Street parking).  I was going to also suggest that maybe the Legion field and front lot could be used for Sheldonville families so that they have an easy way in and out as well.  Plus that will help with spot availability in town.  We are also going to need to alert businesses in town that 1A will be shut down so they should make sure customers from out of town know so that people aren't ordering food or coffees and not be able to get there (Crosby's, pizza places, Gavel, Dunks).  The more open we can have the center of town, I think the easier it will be for people to just walk over and not have to worry about parking.    

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