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Mr. Wren, Set to Return for Hometown's
350th Anniversary Celebration, Hiding Golden Eggs Filled with Half Dollars

Wrentham 350 - May 24, 2023

Much to everyone's surprise, a mysterious man named Mr. Wren has emerged from the shadows, declaring his intentions to return to his hometown of Wrentham for the town's 350th anniversary celebration. Mr. Wren has announced that he plans to hide golden eggs throughout the town, each containing a valuable half dollar. Despite the excitement surrounding his visit many residents are left perplexed as they admit to have never heard of this enigmatic sponsor.

Who is Mr. Wren? That's the question echoing through the picturesque streets of Wrentham. With no prior knowledge of his existence, aside from a historical picture which shows a man that looks identical to Mr. Wren, the townspeople find themselves captivated by this mystery.

While the exact details of the treasure hunt remain unknown, rumors suggest that clues and hints will be released leading participants on a captivating journey through the town's history and landmarks.


Many Wrenthamites are embracing the intrigue that Mr. Wren's visit brings. The prospect of embarking on a treasure hunt and the potential rewards hidden within the golden eggs have ignited the imaginations of residents, young and old. Families are already making plans to participate, and friends are forming teams to tackle the challenge together.

Wrentham Selectman, Michelle Rouse, expressed her anticipation, stating, "While Mr. Wren may be a mystery to us, his intentions of adding excitement to our 350th anniversary celebration are warmly welcomed. We look forward to embracing his generosity and joining together as a community to unravel the secrets hidden within Wrentham."

So lets prepare to embark on a treasure hunt like no other. Let us embrace the enigma of Mr. Wren, unite as a community, and create memories.

Note: Keep an eye out for further announcements regarding Mr. Wren's Half Dollar treasure hunt. The Wrentham 350 Committee will provide updates and details in the coming weeks...


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