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Participate in our parade on September 16th, 2023!

Town of Wrentham
350th Anniversary Parade Registration Form.

Please submit your form by June 1, 2023 **
Please indicate your entry type:
Details about your entry. Check where applicable:

**We are only accepting Parade Registration forms that require no payment.

If you are entering a float, please read the below information carefully.
Each float must comply with the following:



1. Size (maximum) – Width - 12 ft (excluding riggers), Height – 14 ft, Length – maneuverable


2. Size (minimum) – At least three (3) rolling wheels




• Every float must be built in such a manner as to ensure the safety of its occupants and will be subject to inspection by the Wrentham Fire Department.


• Each float must have a fire extinguisher.


• No open flames will be allowed on floats.


• All exhaust systems must be in good condition and no exhaust system shall come into contact with flammable decorations.


• No smoking on floats.


• Drivers must be able to exit from float quickly in an emergency.




Every float which is propelled by an internal combustion engine must be dually registered.


Parade Route:


Float muster at the Rice Recreational Complex (Emerald Street).

General Recommendations:


Flameproof materials should be used where possible. Exhaust pipes near flammable decorations should be wrapped and should clear the rear of the float. Drivers should have good visibility and driver areas vented. Vehicles should be in proper working condition. Vehicles should have tow ring or other means to be towed if needed.

Each parade entrant is responsible for the safety of his/her own entry. It is understood that the Town of Wrentham will not be held liable for damage, theft, injury, or illness. Insurance of such damages or injury shall be the sole responsibility of each entrant. Your signature on the entry form indicates an agreement to hereby and forever discharge and indemnify the above named from such matters or actions, suits, damages, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity from loss or damage to the signer’s property or personal injury from loss or damage to the signer’s property or personal injury to signer or parade participants while involved in the 350th Anniversary Parade.

Thanks for submitting!

You may also download the Parade Registration Form in pdf format HERE and the Float Regulations and Application Form HERE and send BOTH forms back to us via email to: or regular mail to: Town Clerk, 79 South Street, Wrentham, MA 02093.

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